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Били ли сте в Keramoti, Kavala,  Greece? Keramoti, Kavala, Greece - this little town right opposite the island Thassos has the best beach on the Balkans with very fine sand. Wherever one goes in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece, he will see an enless beach with sand, nice cosy houses with a lot of  vegetation around them. Това е Keramoti, Kavala, Greece. В Keramoti, Kavala, Greece everything is within walking distance. If you seek relaxation and tranqulity next to a nice beach with fine sand come to Keramoti, Kavala . Once you come in Keramoti,  Kavala, Greece you will want to return many times. Come to Keramoti, Kavala . The athmosphere in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece is very pleasant. The weather in Keramoti Kavala is fine, the pace of life is calm and slowly. The people in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece are smiling. If you seek a real relaxation come Keramoti Kavala.

Until recently Keramoti, Kavala, Greece  was a little fisher,s village and a starting point from which the tourists took the ferry to the island of Thassos. Just a few people new about it' vast and really nice beach. In the last 10 yers or so Keramoti, Kavala, Greece became an attractive destination for family and ecotourism. Stuated on a picturesque little peninsula some 35 km east from Kavala, the town of Keramoti,Kavala, Greece is surrounded by a splendid 10 km long beach of fine sand. In Keramoti ,Kavala, there are neither big crowds of tourists nor huge luxury hotels and that's exactly where it's charm is. There are no more than some 700 sleeps for tourists in Keramoti,Kavala, Greece. Everything Keramoti, Kavala, Greece is within walking distance. The street traffic in Keramoti ,Kavala, Greece is rather sporadic that makes the streets of Keramoti , Kavala, Greece ideal for walking, jogging or bicycling. The pictureqque promenade street of Keramoti, Kavala, Greece is the place from where the shortest ferry line to Thassos starts (30 min). The beach of Keramoti ,Kavala, Greece starts some 200 m after the harbour and continues another 10 km on the other side of the peninsula. The beach in Keramoti has a beautiful fine sand, The sand in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece is fine and beige in colour. The people lying on the beach can have their complete privacy as the space with sand is really vast. The sea in Keramoti, Kavala is shallow and the water - warm and crystal clear. The little cedar forest that separates the sandy beach from the town of Keramoti, Kavala, Greece is providing sense of relaxation - without the annoying noise of the beach bars. Come to Keramoti, Kavala, Greece - on the beach with fine sand.

Holiday season

The holiday season in Keramoti ,Kavala, Greece is April to October. Here in Keramoti ,Kavala, Greece the whether in May is like in second half of June in Central Europe. In October the whether is still fine for laying in the sun while June and September are like July and August at the Blacksea coast. During the High season the prices in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece  are of course higher and so are the  air temperatures. It is getting really hot . If you have the opportunity come to  Keramoti, Kavala, Greece before or after these 2 months. Vacation in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece  in June or September will be cheaper and more pleasant. In October in Keramoti ,Kavala, Greece is a real heaven for the people in their 50's, 60's and 70's. During these months the air temperatures in Keramoti ,Kavala, Greece are above 22-23 degrees, and the watre and the sand on the beach in Keramoti,Kavala, Greece are still plesant to use. In Keramoti, Kavala, Greece local people swim in the sea even in November.  Welcome to Keramoti, Kavala, Greece!

Keramoti is among the best kept secrets of Northern Greece. Situated on a little picturesque peninsula, some 38 km South-East of Kavala, for many decades it has been just a small fishing village out-of-the-way of tourists. With its large and wide expanses of soft golden sand gently sloping into the vivid turquoise blue crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea and with its quiet streets, far away from the noisiness of the densely populated resorts Keramoti is the ideal place for a family vacation. There are a number of restaurants and fish tavernas where visitors can enjoy the local cuisine. Several beach bars are offering completely free the use of sun umbrellas, armchairs, small tables, lounge chairs and hammocks with the purchase of a very reasonably priced soft drink, cocktail or sandwich. The best one amongst these bars is “Coco Beach”. To see how it looks click here.
In the peak season there are a lot of people on the organized beaches but the “clubs” there are so large and the sun umbrellas - so numerous that they never seem to get crowded. However this is by far not all. The wide and almost endless sandy stretch framed by the incredible landscape on the backdrop of Thassos Island has a lot of very secluded and isolated sections where one could have a quiet time and the rare opportunity to reclaim his own privacy.
There a myriad of small hotels and rooms to let with a view of the sea, but everybody would agree that the jewel of the crown of Keramoti are Bellevue Apartments eleven newly built, modern, very comfortable and cosy apartments managed by the owners - a friendly Bulgarian couple  who speak English, French and German.
Six of them comprise two bedrooms and a living room, accommodating 4+2 sleeps. There are a kitchenette, a dining area, and a 37-inch LCD satellite TV in the living room. The rest of five somewhat smaller apartments (junior suites) are almost identical in furnishing but have just one bedroom (2+2 sleeps).
For a virtual tour of the apartments click here.
At only some 50-60 meters from the apartments you can enjoy the huge sandy beach gently surrounding the small town all-over.
Everywhere in Keramoti one could feel the priviledge of being guest of "Bellevue apartments" - a 10% discount is offered in noumerous shops, restaurants, tavernas, coffee and pastry shops, beach and snack bars.
For a tour of the different restaurants, click here
In Keramoti the anglers have a ball - fishing is possible just about everywhere and no permit is reuired. Moreover, the fans of ecotourism, ornithology and extreme tourism can enjoy the Nestos river delta with its numerous and diverse lagoons, lakes and swamps.

Should you decide to visit this earthly paradise, welcome to us at Bellevue Apartments!

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The town of Keramoti is situated on a picturesque small peninsula 30 km east of Kavala and is surrounded all over by a large sandy beach.

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